Scooby Doo Halloween

Scooby Doo Halloween Party

Scooby Doo was a great choice for the preschoolers’ Halloween theme this year! The characters have all the basic bright Halloween colors – orange, green and purple, making it so easy to incorporate other Halloween props into the mix.

The majority of the food came from creative parents, providing ghost chocolate chip bananas, Oreo spiders and pumpkin-shaped Rice Crispies treats.  Healthy foods were not forgotten, as there was also fruit and yummy sandwiches — but I think my favorite was the platter of mummy hot dogs with and without cheese!

As for dessert, my sweets contribution came in form of store-bought cupcakes, and I added Scooby Doo character cupcake toppers.  However, the amazing work from Becky of Little Birdie Parties (LBP) never seizes to wow me… A beautiful mini cake played center stage with an intricate haunted house cookie cake-topper. Plus, a scary tree cookie and spooky eye cookies were added cake decorations.

Before diving into the Halloween feast, the little ghosts and ghouls got to color their own monster masks (sound familiar? repeat from Halloween Carnival post) and watch a Scooby Doo movie.  Then after gobbling up all the yummy food and treats, they got to wear their mask in front of a Halloween photo booth that was set up for individual photo shoots. The pictures were later emailed to parents.

Songs were sung, stories were told, then came the take-home favors… Little gable boxes were decorated in Scooby Halloween adornments as well as topped and filled with Scooby-themed toys and treats.  In addition, bone-shaped cookie favors from LBP were sweetly wrapped in cellophane baggies and tied with baker’s twine for the kiddies to take home and enjoy.

Another Halloween case solved, thanks to the help of a pup named Scooby and all the wonderful, sweet, meddling kids!

Enjoy the pics!

Scooby Doo Halloween Party treats

Scooby Doo Halloween Party - Treats

Scooby Doo Halloween Party - Food

Scooby Doo Halloween Party - Mini Cake with Cookie Topper

Cookie Cake Topper by Little Birdie Parties

Scooby Doo Halloween Party - Cupcakes

Scooby Doo Halloween Party Cupcake

Scooby Doo Halloween Party - Monster Mask Craft

Scooby Doo Halloween Party Monster Mask Craft

Scooby Doo Halloween Party - Dinnerware

Scooby Doo Halloween Party - Table Settings

Scooby Doo Halloween Party - Table Setting

Scooby Doo Halloween Party - Bone Cookies by Little Birdie Parties

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