Paw-py Birthday!

Inspiration Senses - Paw-py Birthday

This weekend was our beagle’s birthday — Pixie’s birthday!  She is a sweet member of our family.  So just like any member of the family, we celebrated her birthday with a party!

Inspiration Senses - Paw-py Birthday - Doggie Treats & Gifts

Doggie Treats & Gifts

Off to Petco we went to buy special treats and gifts for the birthday girl.  The store had a great variety of boxed gourmet treats.  We felt the gourmet cranberry cupcake selection was the best yummy addition to the treats we found at the by-the-pound stand.  For gifts, a big beef bone and new chew toy were perfect choices for the guest of honor.

Inspiration Senses - Paw-py Birthday - Decorated Table

Inspiration Senses - Paw-py Birthday

For the table, the featured color was red which was complimented beautifully by the boxwood greens that accented the table.  Simple white serving platters/dishes, used to display the goodies we bought, gave a nice contrast to the mixed red/brown plaid quilt that served as the tablecloth.  Paw print labels and red crepe ribbons rounded off the table.

Inspiration Senses - Paw-py Birthday - Birthday Sign

For the background, red curtains and a framed “Happy Birthday” paw print sign finished the look, giving our regal beagle the royal treatment she deserved.

Inspiration Senses - Paw-py Birthday - Make A Wish!

Make A Wish!

Needless to say, Pixie felt extra special on her birthday.  She blew out the candle on her homemade birthday mini loaf, and enjoyed all the extra attention and love.

Paw-py Birthday Pixie!