Monsters University First School Year Party

Inspiration Senses - Monsters University First Time Preschool Party

Monsters University First School Year Party

Going to Preschool Party!

Many first-time preschooler parents, like me, are shopping for school supplies, filling out forms, and preparing for that next chapter in our little monsters’ lives.  So to celebrate the occasion, I felt a Monsters University party was in order!  My son and his friends had a “roaring” good time making monster masks, popping balloons, and watching the Monsters Inc. movie while munching on their yummy chicken and apple slices lunch from individual monster lunch bags.  Other party food consisted of all monster-inspired goodies such as green/blue slime Jello, monster skin chips (potato chips), monster-parts veggies, cookies and cupcakes, along with gourmet sandwiches for the grown-up monsters.  The favors were also a hit with gifts like a Sulley stuffed toy, MU books, cups and treats!  The decorations were simple but colorful with blue, green and purple balloons and streamers as well as an MU poster as the wall’s centerpiece.  Shopping for the party was easy as Walgreens and Target were my go-to stores to find most of everything I needed for the party.

One additional highlight was that mommy (me) dressed up as a monster “professor” to read a Monsters University book and lead everyone in fun and games.

Happy first day of school to all students and parents!  🙂